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Macromolecular Machines in Biomedicine:
Structure, Dynamics, and Evolution

A satellite meeting to the XXV IUCr Congress

August 13-14, 2021 | Prague Conference Center, Czech Republic

Structural biology has been continuously transformed during the past six decades by wave-upon-wave of new instrumentation and more powerful cyber infrastructure following the advent of macromolecular crystallography and the first X-ray structures of proteins. Detailed knowledge of 3D structures of biomolecules, how they move and change shape, how they have evolved, and how they function in nature has become essential for understanding critical areas of science.

The structure data impacts basic and applied research on health and disease of humans, animals, and plants; production of food and energy; and other research pertaining to global prosperity and environmental sustainability. Structure data are also important to biopharmaceutical companies, contributing significantly to the discovery of new drugs, materials, and devices. Today, powerful pulsed X-ray facilities, cryogenic electron microscopes, and emerging integrative methods for structure determination are accelerating biomedical research with functional insights into ever more complex biological systems.

On August 13-14, 2021, internationally-recognized experts will help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Protein Data Bank by sharing their perspectives at a two-day satellite meeting Macromolecular Machines in Biomedicine: Structure, Dynamics, and Evolution immediately preceding the 25th International Union of Crystallography Congress. In addition to plenary lectures and invited talks, the meeting will feature a poster session and short talks selected from submitted abstracts.

Co-organizers: Stephen K. Burley, Filipe Maia, Bohdan Schneider


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